Risk Mitigation

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Risk Mitigation

Post by Admin on Sat Oct 29, 2016 7:54 pm

1. Project Size
-Estimated Project Schedule H: Over 12 months Certainty
Mitigation: Created comprehensive project timeline with frequent baseline reviews
-Team Size at Peak H: Over 15 members Certainty
Mitigation: Comprehensive communications plan, frequent meetings, tight project management oversight

2. Project Definition
-Narrow Knowledge Level of Users M: Knowledgeable of user area only Likely
Mitigation: Assigned Project Manager, engaged consultant, comprehensive project management approach and communications plan

3. Cost Estimates Unrealistic L: Thoroughly predicted by industry experts using proven practices to 15% margin of error Unlikely
Mitigation: Timeline reviewed monthly by three groups (Project Manager and Executive Committee) to prevent undetected timeline departures


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